Events for February 2017

Upcoming Event

Murray Comber banner
Feb 26

Murray Comber

Life Concepts Ministries
We are created with unique personalities, yet we are designed to work together.

The Gathering: 9:30
Sunday School: 11

Previous Events

Kent Dueck banner
Feb 05

Kent Dueck

Inner City Youth Alive
How can a rural church network with an urban ministry?

The Gathering: 9:30
Sunday School: 11 Speakers
Andy Woodworth banner
Feb 12

Andy Woodworth

Heartland Community Church
An unchanging message to a changing world - how can we speak in a relevant way.

The Gathering: 9:30
Sunday School: 11 Speakers
The Gathering banner
Feb 19

The Gathering

The Gathering: 9:30
Sunday School: 11 Speakers
Personality Dimension Workshop banner
Feb 24

Personality Dimension Workshop

The Personality Dimension Workshop is ideal for strengthening our own self awareness, and helping each of us to better relate with our spouse, our children, and those we stand shoulder to shoulder with at church, at work, or in school.
Workshop sessions will take place Friday evening (7:30-9:30), and Saturday (9:30-4:30).
The session leader, Murray Comber, will also be speaking at the Sunday service. Landmark Community

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